Start – Finish 2014 . Homemade nastolki the Sochi Olympics

A reader named Dmitry shared unpretentious homemade toy on Olympiad.
In anticipation of the upcoming Olympic Games made ​​for myself and friends play on the Olympic theme. The game is quite simple , moderately casual walker , mechanical resembles a board game Ludo . With interest to play it , the game everyone liked , simple rules . The game is called “Start- Finish ” . I think the game will be interesting for many children and adults , especially in connection with the Sochi 2014 .

The game is designed for 2 to 4 people . The game consists of a game board, four sets of colored chips ( each with 3 chips ) , 45 small medals , three more medals dice.
The goal – to score maximum points and win the Olympic Games .

Points are awarded as follows:
small coin
Gold – 3 points
– silver 2 points
bronze – 1 point

large medals :
and gold 15 points
silver – 12 points
bronze – 9 points

Before the game medals laid out on the white circles on the edges of the playing field. The players’ chips are placed on the launch of its color . Players take turns rolling a die. Bring – chip athlete START Olympic arena permitted only when the winning dice 1. Important! While at the start is not a single athlete each player rolls a die three times in a row . Once at least one chip player entered the field START , then usually 3 shots for this player does not work.

Throwing dice players move their chips from start to finish in a clockwise direction . In case of contact chips on sign sport player takes this sport medal ( gold , if it does not – silver , if it is not – bronze ) , puts it on its launch pad and gets a law mandating further stroke . If there is no medals , the rule further stroke works anyway . If the player hits the chip circle or sign sport busy chips to another player , then someone else’s chip is removed and transferred to the START Olympic arena . At one mug or sign sport can not be more than one chip (including his team ) .

Chip player , held the entire Olympic circle and got on the field FINISH Olympic arena , is derived from the game and put on the FINISH its launch pad . Withdrawals can only chip in the exact numbers on the roll of dice necessary . The player , who brought all his chips first gets a big gold medal , the second – the silver , the third – bronze . Further points are calculated for the medals and tokens team players occupy space on the Olympic podium .

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Review of the board game ” Wild Jungle – Jungle Speed»

Board game ” Wild Jungle ” – a very funny and catchy game that you will get a lot of pleasure. This is a game of skill and reaction that will cheer up 100 % to you and your opponent . It seems to me that the game is particularly suitable for celebrations, parties and children’s companies.

The structure of the game ” Wild Jungle ” includes:
1 wooden totem ;
80 colorful square cards depicting various characters , as well as eight special cards :
3 Cards ” Spit inside;
3 Cards ” Spit out ” ;
2 cards ” Colored arrows “;
Rules of the Game in Russian ;
Comfortable red handbag to store the game.

Goal of the game : as soon as possible to get rid of your cards.

Who is playing the board game ” Wild Jungle” ? :
In the game of ” Wild Jungle ” is very fond of playing children , but also adults like this game no less. During the game, participants are given a lot of pleasure from the bright pictures on the cards and magical totems . Totem is made of wood covered with lacquer , it’s very pleasant to hold . In the game of ” Wild Jungle” can be played at home or take with you on a visit to the cottage or camping. The game is designed for 2-10 players.

Now let’s take a closer look at the spectacular gameplay :
Before the game in the Wild Jungle all the cards are dealt face down to the players equally . Players add up to a stack of cards and begin to take turns to flip the top card of his stack from myself . As soon as the two players are open maps with the same characters , there is a duel. Only our duel without guns and swords , you need only a sleight of hand . In the center of the table is a wooden totem , both players are trying to grab the first totem. If you manage to grab the first , then you give all of your opponent’s cards face up , he puts them face down under a pile of cards face down. The game continues , but ” Wild Jungle ” – a game of skill and care , and if a player mistakenly grabbed a totem or accidentally dropped it , he will have to pick up all the cards face up on the table. The game has a special card. When you open the card ” hands out” all the players at the same time reveal the top card of their closed stacks , if some of them are the same, then immediately arises duel. Unwary player takes all the cards face up , both his own and the other players, and puts them down under your deck . When you open the card ” arrows inside” all the players immediately try to grab the totem. The one who did it, puts all his cards face up under the totem. Since the opening of the card ” colored arrows ” all duels do not start because of the same characters , but because of the same color . Until the end of the game it is not clear who will be the lucky. The winner is the player who managed to get rid of all their cards first.

Much more can be told about the game ” Wild Jungle “, but as they say it is better to try once and play than hear a hundred times . So I want to keep secret some questions:

Why do players have to play with only one hand , and what to do with the other? ;
What is the ” pot” ? ;
Who are the ” Totauhvatau ?” ;
Why do players think who has more fingers for Totem ? ;
Why Totem is considered sacred ?
When there are special situations ? ;
And for any errors players should be punished ?

Board game ” Wild Jungle ” guarantees you a surge of adrenaline and a lot of emotions !
It’s a fun and simple game that develops attentiveness and quick response !
The game is suitable for both children and adults !
During the game the players are enjoying the struggle for the totem. Not for nothing, apparently , the game is called ” Wild Jungle” because it shows not only your reaction speed, but there is a battle for booty !
Shouts and laughter make this game more interesting !

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Sports and Games “Football, ice hockey”

With the advent of computer consoles and “toys”, board games for children lost their popularity. But eventually everything went back to normal: electronics can not replace a board game, like a movie theater could not be replaced. After all, board games help to maintain communication with loved ones. Alas, in recent moms and dads have a great excuse not to play with their kids – lack of time, but in fact parents do not want to spend much time with their children because … it’s boring. Board game – a great opportunity to have fun with your child, learn to better understand each other. They can sit down in any weather and at any time of the year, limited to a small space.

In order to best take care child psychologists recommend to buy at least five children’s board games. Among them may be cubes from which to lay down their image. They are suitable for the little ones – if they will be a little (2-4), and the image – unpretentious, they can even offer a two-year baby. There should be no problems in young children in games of cards where you have to relate the picture (of course, the difficulty level should match the child’s age). Bench printing is well suited for family parties, because they can be operated by several people. But the classics – chess and checkers – will please older children.

Playing with your child, you will be able to identify and address the shortcomings in time in the pronunciation of the baby, to familiarize with numbers and signs, to consolidate the knowledge about the size, shape, etc. Board games for children will become your reliable Unskilled worker in educating beloved child, because they can not only help to “kill” time, but also to develop intelligence, logic, memory, and integrated and visual perception.

Table hockey, foosball As sung in the famous song: “Truth does not play hockey.” However it is not a coward, a toddler who is not yet able to stand on skates and stick handle – especially for those invented games such as table hockey and table football.
They are a small copy of the field where the gates are located and plastic players. Which are controlled separately and moves within a specified area. Goal of the game – the same as in real hockey and football (the full list of rules included in the kit to the field).
This game is very easy – thanks to the small size of the field to easily fit on a desk, it can be there and to leave, but if you wish – to hide in the closet (the good, light weight allows it to make even a small child). For the game does not necessarily reach a certain age or have good health – and it’s not looking that board hockey and football are professional sports. They are also suitable for those who are going to teach your child to the sport. Taking note of children’s playing field, you can tell in detail and show how the game takes place.
Perhaps the most fun of table hockey or soccer dads get a fondness for watching broadcasts of matches on TV. After becoming a top contender in the child’s board game, he does not just “come off” from the TV, but also be able to give the child more time.

Overemphasize the benefits of board games is difficult. No wonder they were created for kids, but they are also in demand among adults (often – in offices, in the breaks to workers to take a break from the mental work). These games help improve coordination, reaction time, develop logic and strategic thinking.

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Backgammon – an exciting , strategic and sophisticated of its kind board game. The game of backgammon you can spend more than one hour , thus, completely oblivious to time. It is believed that backgammon – a game for older people and it shows a philosophical attitude towards human life , its dependence not only on the fate , but also from his own decisions. To understand the cause of these assumptions , it is necessary to know the history of the game and the rules of the game of backgammon .

History of the Game

The world is not known which country was the birthplace and inventor of the game of backgammon , but we know for sure that this game has been more than five centuries and took its origins in the East ( the most ancient board game of backgammon has been found in Asia Minor ) .
There is a legend that backgammon invented one of the most famous sages of Persia Byuzyurkmehr . The reason for creating the game of backgammon were Hindus , who decided that the Persians did not have such a sharp mind as they are, as a result, the Persians, the Indians sent a chess set , proposing to unravel the principle of this game. The Persians did not wait long for itself forced – unraveled the meaning of the game of chess , and backgammon sent in response to solve the mystery of which Indians could not 12 years old.
Byuzyurkmehr explained to his king that the game board represents a land , chips – 30 days in a month , and the bones – destiny. Chips , moving on to the board as many steps as shown bones represent the people living on earth , and when they leave the board , it ‘s like people are dying .
Thus, we can say that in the game of backgammon can not be absolutely sure of their positions . Of course, good players plan their actions on several moves ahead , but no more , because their fate depends on luck , and that will show the bone, but the choice is , in consequence, will be behind them.
We also know that playing backgammon and pharaohs in ancient Rome , and they were brought to Europe Crusaders , and in those days it was a game exclusively for the ladies of high society. Rules and the name of the game were different in each country , and only in 1743 , Edmond Hoyle set a level playing backgammon , and in 1931 in the U.S., they have been supplemented by the rule of Cuba and documented in the International Rules of the game of backgammon .

Backgammon rules

Despite the fact that the existing international rules of the game of backgammon , each country has its own nuances , we will look at only the basic and common to all the peoples of the rules.
Initially, all the chips are outside the board. The dice within the board. If the bones are on edge chips or hurt , or fly off the board , they should be thrown again.
Also , there is another twist to the game of backgammon, and concerns the chips that first game is not displayed on the board . Beginning of the game the player rolls the dice and goes only one chip if it is already exposed in the field, or take one of the more pristine and runs with it. If double drops , the player can take two chips untouched .
Yet it’s worth noting that backgammon – this is a game for two.
Players take turns . Everyone starts his move from his field, which is on the opposite side of the board diagonally to the opponent .
The first move is determined by throwing dice. Whoever has the most points dropped , goes first. If the same number of points , the bones being moved .
Number of strokes determined by a number indicate that the bone and can be a chip credit amount resemble bones, or two chips , but one walks on a number of cells , which shows a bone , while the second runs in accordance with the number of the second die .
If the roll is a double (both dice show the same number ), the player is allowed to make a 4 stroke ( stroke for each of such cells , which shows one of the bones) , or to two or one stroke , but the amount of cells to be passed is four times the number that shows the bone. For example, if two fell 4 matches , it is possible to make a 4 stroke 4 cells each , or two stroke 8 cells or 16 cells alone . In any case, the number of cells on which to move , there should be less than each of the four chips.
When all the chips reach the “house” ( 6 cells, which are next door to the START of the enemy and they are located on the second half of the game board ) , then , throwing dice , they can be removed from the board . The winner is the one who had all the bones will take the field for the board.
There are illegal moves. This occurs when a player needs to make a move, but the place is occupied chip opponent. In this case, the player is looking for all possible options for the course , but if they are not , he loses his turn . If a player moves have options , but they are not profitable for him , he can not pass the course , but must in any case to rearrange your chip .

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Ticket to Ride

Do you know what the “traveling salesman problem”?

This is a classic mathematical problem of how to ideally should develop transportation routes. Railways should be coherent scheme, which allows to quickly and effectively reach the desired city … but, of course, the reality is far from it.

The game “Train ticket” will help you answer the question, why, when you buy a ticket, say, from Moscow to Rostov, where it costs 2000 rubles, and the back (on the same train at the same place) – already 3000 and the trip lasts a couple of hours. This game will help you to understand why some schemes railways resemble spider web, and some – wood, braided vines.
The thing is, that in rail transportation is competition

The further and more successful route you build, the better. The more you cut off the competition from major transportation hubs – the more profit will be in the future. Passengers and cargo? To hell with them, with passengers and cargo, let him spend an extra day on the road and will be forced to make a long detour, the main thing – it’s your transportation empire. (However, it should be noted that the grateful passengers pay more, so the choice is not always unambiguous.)
But back to the game technicians

At the beginning of the game, each participant receives multiple route maps, of which at least two picks. The task – to build these routes are the most optimal way. If a player of the game is the route – he gets points. If in the end it turns out that the route is not collected, then the player’s points are deducted. Extra points are given for the connection of neighboring towns as well as for the construction of the longest railway.

What you need to know?

To win, you must correctly decide on the need for the connection of various cities, using the ways and use its features. The level of exposure luck factor of the game is average, so the victory is equally dependent on your skills and how reality will match your zadumkam.Ochen interesting point is bluff: after all, you can not disclose their mainstream construction, forcing competitors to block your unwanted station .
As far as dynamic game?

On familiarity with the rules will take 10-15 minutes. The same amount will need to learn the ropes on the map. Well, when everyone will understand where each city is located, the fun begins. The game draws a lot stronger, “Monopoly” and many strategic board games. It is important to note that if, for example, in the “Risk” is always bitter disputes arise between players, “a train ticket” even in the most difficult situations is always good otnosheniya.Eto remain calm and very fun game to an audience of any age.

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Jackal Deluxe

In the game “The Jackal” you have to lead a pirate gang – and look for treasure on the island. Of the four rival factions wins, only one – the one that finds more gold or plunder. The game is remarkable because, first of all, unlike most of the table games, the influence of random factors on the course of the game – is minimal. And secondly, every party is unique – and the play “The Jackal” want to again and again.
What is this game?

Jackal – is one of the most interesting and atmospheric board games among those represented in our store. This is the story of treasure hunting on a pirate island, complexity similar to chess, but each new game is not like the previous one.
What is the purpose of the game?

You swim up to the “island of treasures” in different ships. The task – to carry out any way (at any price) as much gold and load it into the holds of his ship. The winner is the one who will be the richest after the “looting” of the island.
How did this game?

In “The Jackal” has played 30-40 years ago, the game was well-known among students of Moscow State University, preferring serious intellectual duels boring lectures. If the schools in the back row playing “Battleship”, the university chose a much more serious and complex game, one of the most popular among them was just “the Jackal.”
Why “The Jackal”?

There are two versions of the origin of the name: the first assumes that there was a plot connected with the game – and either the leader of the pirates, or his ship was called “The Jackal”. The second is more prosaic and realistic, one of the most effective strategies in the game – this is not a treasure hunt and safe transportation to the ship, and an attack on an opponent and “otshakalivanie” his lawful prey.

What is the island?

The playing field (Island) consists of small plates, each of which is “responsible” for their type of terrain and objects. On the island offers a variety of adventures: scouting new ground, as you can stumble upon an abandoned fort or meet native-lekarku and find treasure or get trapped. The gameplay is at first just a reconnaissance: each plate, which consists of the island, was initially turned back side up. When your pirate enters uncharted lands, plate rolls – and you will know exactly what was hidden underneath. Before the game, all the records are very well mixed, so every time a brand new island. You will not be able to play and two similar parties in the “Jackal” – each time the area will dictate the new tactics and put you in a new environment.
As far as the element of chance influences the course of the game?

Accidental exposure to the game at the very beginning, when the “New” map of the island. In the future, it depends entirely on your ability to assess the situation and make the right tactical and strategic decisions. Of course, some classifications give a slight advantage to the opponent (for example, not a lot of fun to parachute from the ship directly into the lair of the man-eater), but a skilled player can use all the facilities terrain to your advantage.

In general, except for very extreme cases, randomness of the game has almost no effect: all totally depends on you.

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Ingeniously simple and surprisingly interesting strategy

Beehive – is the localization of the famous game Hive, first released in 2001 and quickly became a hit. Rules of the game are simple enough – you need to spread and move hexagonal chips insects, trying to capture the opponent’s queen of the hive by surrounding it with their figures.
Why Beehive is so popular in Europe?

Because Beehive has great strategic depth, and thus can be explained in just a few seconds.
Fine, then let’s try to play!

Do you have a hive queen (she is the most important), spiders, beetles, grasshoppers and ants. You put the first piece on the table and pass the turn to the opponent. He makes his first figure close to your – so begins to form a beehive. Now you continue to place or move their insects without breaking the hive: the two figures represent a while “bridge” between your part and the part of the enemy.
Our insects greetings. What to do next?

Next – you need to surround the enemy queen and across the hive. To do this you will need a variety of insects that have different abilities.

Who knows what in my hive?

Queen slow: it can crawl only one cell, but may suddenly move and break it all the plans of the opponent.
Spider can run across exactly three cells on the perimeter of the hive: it is very useful in the early game.
Ant can run across the edge of the hive for any number of steps: it can be anywhere on the boundary of the hive, even behind enemy lines. That is why it is very useful in the middle and at the end of the game.
Grasshopper jumps: it can fly over enemy insects in a straight line, allowing him to easily jump to inaccessible places, or break out of the encirclement.
Beetle is able to crawl on top of other pieces, “stepping” on them. The figure of a beetle can not move until he perepolzet somewhere else. One of the most popular strategies – napolzti beetle on the opponent’s queen, and secured it, and then surround the ants and grasshoppers.

What’s it like field and figures?

Shapes – this hexagonal tiles with the image of an insect. Field itself is not: you are obrazuete it, laying tiles next to each other.
What are the features of the strategy hive?

First, it’s important to start: after all, first laid out the figures on the one hand, will quickly take the necessary positions, and on the other – is likely to remain blocked by other insects.
Second, you can quickly lock the main threats to the enemy, because if you put your piece on the outer edge of the opponent’s pieces, it will not budge: the hive must be uninterrupted, and strokes separating him from the figure attached.
Thirdly, some more tips on strategy have on the Wikipedia page.

Uh, right there the whole theory about how the game evolves!

Yes, because the Hive – a very deep strategy that has great potential in terms of replayability. This stuff is complicated enough to be able to play games in order to temptation than your opponent to temptation.

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For children it is – a sports game which is tied up in knots players. For adults – a very interesting opportunity to close (and closer) dating, well illustrated in many romantic films. Real happiness office workers spend days sitting in a chair. In a word – not a board game, but a real hit. Incidentally, the twister travel along the ground and not on the table.

Twister – a fun, lively, rather, floor than a board game for the active company. One who will be the most flexible, malleable, able to literally crawl out of the most difficult situations that will win the game.
OK, why the “Twister” like their parents?

Because the game is literally tied in knots, developing agility and flexibility. A pair of games – it’s like a good charge for any child. And, of course, “Twister” is very entertaining for children of any company and therefore rightfully earned the title of one of the best and most useful of mobile games.

Well, the parents understand why couples in love then?

Very simply, this childish game advertised in a totally non-children’s TV series “Sex and the City.” Given how closely a fun and “Twister” tying knots players, we can safely say that it helps to get acquainted. Closer and closer: it is almost a man hugs you learn something simpler.

It is worth adding that the tournament by “Twister” on all major events always attract an army of photographers and a huge number of spectators.

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Wow, what a cool playing field!

The first impression of the board game – the enthusiasm of the wonderful view of the field of 4 rotating parts, each of which has a recess for the ball – and the balls themselves, made from very strong glass, touch-like ceramics, very nice and comfortable in the hand.
Tic-tac-toe on a rotating field? Five in a row?

A game similar to the classic abstract game – tic-tac-toe and “4 in a row.” However, given the complexity of the “Pentago”, they can be called only distantly related to the low complexity. In “Pentago” to collect five balls in a row, putting one on the field for the course … and at the same time turning one of its parts.
He put the ball, turned and suddenly gathered field line!

Yes, that is how to end the party “Pentago.” If a normal logic games you need to think only of action on a flat field, here, on a rotating, you almost have to keep in mind the three-dimensional model of what is happening.
And it is not too complicated?

With all the depth of the game, the rules of “Pentago” explained only 30 seconds, and on the understanding of the mechanics it takes about 5 minutes – a training game. After that, the “Pentago” enjoy playing and focused young men and gay women, and even children.
Great game for two

For good cheer: the game is very pleasant tactile and exciting process;
For the children: “Pentago” perfectly develops logical, abstract and spatial reasoning.
Pentago convenient to take the game to travel: preparing for the game in less than one minute, and the balls do not roll out of the recesses even shake (like a train).
This is a great gift for a person with any social status: the game will entice anyone, but because of the very minimalist and stylish design looks just gorgeous.

Author board game – the famous game designer Tomas Floden. The game has already collected 8 different awards in Europe.

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Wooden Card

In the last century in Romania banned card. This experience is practiced in many countries, but only here one enterprising merchant realized that if you cut a sort of domino made of wood, and then provide the received symbols of the four suits wedges and corresponding values ​​will be no less exciting game. So a “Rumm,” which has become one of the most popular board games in Europe and around the world.
Rules “Rumm”

Play “Rumm” is very simple: you need as quickly as possible to get rid of all the “wooden maps”, which are given to you at the beginning of the party. To get rid of the chips to lay out certain combinations on the playing field: a row of the same suit or the same group of chips with equal values. As you can see, the rules of the game completely correspond to the “Rummikubu” but marking brusochkov suggests that they still play a card game, when acted Romanian ban and it was just impossible to get a pack.
Style of play

The game of “Rumm” can be mastered in just a few minutes. To understand the basic principles of only a couple of parties, but to learn to play professionally, not enough for a few months of training. The main thing in the game – it’s logical thinking and the ability to anticipate a lot of possible combinations. In contrast, for example, from chess, wherein the further develop the game, the possible combinations is less than (to facilitate complete with minimum figures) in the “Rummu” is the opposite: the game goes on, the more possible combinations exist. It is said that professional players “Rumm,” winning world tournaments have a special intuition, giving them the opportunity to provide answers to the most complex logical and mathematical problems of this game.

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